Aspidyn T – 100% natural liquid feed supplement based on 5 plant extracts for administration to poultry

Pharmsure International has teamed up with Biagral to bring a range of phototherapeutic poultry products to international markets. Founded in 1998 in Belgium, Biagral is a company that specialises in formulating products based on naturally occurring plants that have known phytotherapeutic benefits. They have implemented research programmes, sponsored by the Belgium authorities, to look at the activity of botanicals for veterinary medicine and animal production. The goal of Biagral is to develop products which support and reinforce the natural resistance of animals against diseases or alleviate the symptoms of some conditions. The herbs used in their products are only used after careful selection with the aim of enhancing the health and the productivity of animals and are all authorised for use in food producing species in the EU.

Aspidyn-T is just one of the products developed with the aim of providing health giving properties by selecting various herbs and has been developed over a number of years. The herbal blend used in Aspidyn T and indeed all Biagral product ingredients are authorised for use in the EU Feed additives directive (Council Directive 70/524/EEC).