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CalPid D+More calcium is not the answer, CalPid D+ is a stand alone solution supplementing both critical nutrients.

It improves absorption and utilisation of calcium and provides a solution to lameness and poor egg shell quality.

With two ways for calcium to pass the gut wall;

Passive: paracellular transport Both calcium and phosphorus pass between the enterocytes (gut cells) in a concentration gradient towards the blood stream.

Active: transcellular transport A specific protein. This actively transport the calcium through the enterocytes and into the blood stream.

Increasing CBP levels actively promotes calcium uptake.

About Pidolate

Besides it being the precursor for arginine (CBP), pidolate can alternatively be metabolised into proline which is needed for collagen, this then forms the matrices of bones and shells.

It is proven to improve the quality and to accelerate the development of bone structure, results in an increased Calcium storage capacity which gives stronger bones and egg shells.

About Hy-D®

Hy-D® (calcifidiol / 25(OH)D3) provides all-round benefits for health, performance and productivity. Hy-D® is easily absorbed and does not need to be hydroxylated in the liver, it is not therefore limited by poorliver function in situations such as fatty liver syndrome.

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