Pharmsure International Ltd is a niche pharmaceutical company specialised in the development, marketing and distribution of poultry vaccines and medicines across all of Europe. Operating from premises within the UK with field support staff based on the European mainland, Pharmsure International distributes its range of products through a network of poultry specialist distributors across the continent.

Pharmsure International's Products

MS-H Vaccine Eyedrops Suspension

A live Mycoplasma synoviae vaccine that holds an EU wide Marketing Authorisation and is currently marketed by us in 19 countries including Russia and Ukraine



A  delivery system which employs a brightly coloured edible gel for improving the success of administration of products to day old chicks in the hatchery environment


Vac Pac Plus™ International

Is a vaccine stabiliser which protects vaccines against harmful impurities in the water such as heavy metals oxidisers, pH imbalances and low tonicity


Vaxsafe MG Vaccine (TS-11)

A live Mycoplasma gallisepticum vaccine registered and marketed in some EU member states and many non EU member states including Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine & Russia


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