MS-H Vaccine Eyedrops Suspension

Mycoplasma synoviae vaccine

MS-H is a 3rd generation, live, single dose vaccine with a long track record in providing secure protection against the adverse effects of Myoplasma synoviae(Ms) in laying hens, broiler breeders and layer breeders. MS-H is a temperature sensitive strain of M synoviae and unlike traditional vaccines, (which generalize throughout the body of the chicken), MS-H multiplies and persists in the upper trachea for the entire life of the bird. However, although it grows in the upper trachea it cannot spread further within the bird because the temperature sensitive nature of the vaccine strain means that it cannot survive at the birds ‘core’ or deep body temperature. This resulting persistence in the trachea constantly stimulates the immune response against Ms and provides excellent protection against the disease.

The MS-H vaccine has important safety features such as low risk of spread, no reversion to virulence and the ability to accurately differentiate the vaccine from field strains.


Vaccination against Mycoplasma synoviae


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